We make your videos - on budget, on time.

On budget, on time.


  • Development & Writing

You might have a concept, but need help with the details. Our writing team and their years of collective industry experience can help you hone your ideas into a strong, high-impact video.

  • Budget & Planning

After we’ve worked with you to develop a concept that maximizes your potential returns and stays within your budget, our pre-production team will put together a comprehensive plan for production, ensuring efficient use of time and resources.


  • Creative Direction

Lighting and set dressing, makeup and wardrobe, camera and sound - our creative team members bring diverse expertise and are well equipped to maximize the impact of your video. 

  • Crew & Capture

Our talented team of creatives and technicians brings industry experience and state-of-the-art equipment to every production. On set, our attention to detail will help your project come to life.



  • Full-Service Editing

Cut, sound design, color, animation & graphics, audio mixing & mastering; all the ingredients you’ll need for a clean and professional final edit are included in our services.

  • Animation & VFX

Our in-house animators can enrich your videos with 2D and 3D animated content. Need a giant caterpillar to transform into an aerial acrobat with a puff of smoke? No problem. (We also do nice titles.)

Our work - some of our recent projects

Product Launch  NanoSurface Biomedical

Product Launch

NanoSurface Biomedical

Landing page  The 6th Element

Landing page

The 6th Element

Narrative Commercial  Teatro Zinzanni

Narrative Commercial

Teatro Zinzanni

Performing Arts  Elena Gatilova Aerial Hoop Contortion

Performing Arts

Elena Gatilova Aerial Hoop Contortion

Vision Film  Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Vision Film

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Performing Arts  Lea Hinz Aerial Hoop

Performing Arts

Lea Hinz Aerial Hoop

Our Process

1) You have an idea for a video, so you contact Chitin Creative to get your project started.

2) We develop a project proposal for you to review. Once we agree on a concept, we invoice you for a deposit, and get to work.

3) We assemble a production book for your project, which includes schedules, contact info, locations, scripts, and more.

4) Production begins, with the Chitin crew on location working with you to capture your content.

5) Our editors cut your project, and after two rounds of revisions based on your feedback, we add finishing touches like color correction, graphics, and mastered audio.

6) With your project now complete, we invoice you for the balance and deliver your awesome video in whatever format you need.